Introducing the 2021 Bushwalking and Mountaineering Training Program
An amazing walking and mountaineering program that will have you ready for your own adventures at home and abroad!
Ascent Fitness' premier training program for Bushwalking and Mountaineering is ready for you!
  • Are you ready to take your outdoor fitness to the next level?
  • ​Want to see some of Tassie's amazing places?
  • ​Like to take your hiking game to new heights?
  • ​Do you want to improve your knowledge of preparation and packing for multi-day hikes?
  • ​Looking to meet new hiking buddies for your next adventure?
​ If you answered ‘Yes’ to some or all of these questions, then you are the sort of person that would love Ascent Fitness Bushwalking and Mountaineering Training Program!
Bushwalking and Mountaineering - what’s the difference?

It’s a fair question! To us, bushwalking is putting on your pack and following trails where your feet are doing the work all by themselves. Your arms are along for the ride and you will be walking up hill and down hill all the way.

Meanwhile, you are mountaineering when you need to use your hands and feet to get where you want to go. You will be scrambling up and down rocks from time to time.

What mountaineering is not is rappelling off cliffs using ropes. That’s rock climbing and there isn’t any of that in this program.

This is bushwalking

This is mountaineering

The Program is run by John Ralph, who really likes Tassie’s outdoors!
Who will be training me?
Hi there! I’m John Ralph. Launceston born and bred, I hold degrees in Sport Science, Biomedical Science and am a qualified Personal Trainer. And if you tune into ABC Radio on Monday evenings, you'll hear me talking all things Bushwalking and Mountaineering! I’ve got a passion for walking fitness and helping people to attain their goals.

As a passionate mountaineer, I will train you for walking in Tassie's special places and get you ready for your own upcoming adventures. I get a real buzz out of seeing you improve, love seeing fitness, knowledge and confidence for outdoor adventures grow. 
Do I need to be fit before starting this program?
For many of Ascent Fitness' walking programs, we'll take you off the couch! But the Bushwalking and Mountaineering program needs you to come with a little bit of fitness onboard. 

We will be heading to some of Tassie's incredible, but remote places where we will need all contributing to a good time and, if the unexpected happens, be there for each other. But it is a program for bushwalking and mountaineering, not the special forces, so it's not going to be extreme. 

If you are unsure if you are ready for this program, there are 2 people you should consider talking to: Your GP, then talk to John. You might also consider the Ascent Fitness Walking Fitness Test which will tell John all he needs to know about where you are at.
Taking on the challenges together is half the fun!
How will the 2021 Bushwalking and Mountaineering Training Program train me?
BMTP concentrates on the areas that will maximise your pack-walking experience: physical fitness, mental resilience and good view (or two). BMTP will help achieve this by providing a supportive group exercise environment and a private online space for the participants to share, motivating you during your additional, self- guided walking workouts that accompany the guided walks.

By the end of the BMTP, you will also recognise a few mountains and plants and will have given your camping skills a refresh. You will know what to bring on a day walk, overnight camp or multi-day walk, how to pack your pack and how to adjust it to fit your body best. There are no weird and wonderful exercise regimes for you to complete. At Ascent Fitness, we literally walk our own talk. And so can you!
Does this program cater for absolute beginners?
Introducing people to Tassie’s amazing outdoors is one of our favourite things!

We will be there with you to guide, assist, support and encourage you. At the end of the program, you will be amazed at how far you have come and the skills you now have.

Before the end of the program, we’ll also have a great packing session with equipment experts to make sure your pack fits as comfortably as possible.

So,  by the end of the program, you will know all the gear you need ( and all the gear you don't need!).
You will meet some great new walking buddies!
We've been doing this program for a few years now and it's fantastic to see friendships formed that are still going strong! If you already enjoy bushwalking and mountaineering but you are short on people to walk with, you might just find them here!

And we'll also help to put you in touch with other walking folk we know. We've been told before that the connections made, and the adventures people had because of those connections with likeminded folk, is a gift that kept on giving!

Whether joining the program is for improving fitness, strength and knowledge, or just connecting with new hiking buddies, Ascent Fitness' Bushwalking and Mountaineering program is a great adventure all by itself. And, the investment you make in yourself to be in the program is a down payment on your own adventures in the future!

For your investment, you receive 100 hours of guidance and support on trails, up mountains and online to enhance your program experience. You will step into 2022 ready for more than you could have imagined!

We look forward to seeing you at the first step off!   
And there it all is! Your Bushwalking and Mountaineering Training Program awaits! Contact John at Ascent Fitness to discuss your next great walking experience!
2021 Bushwalking and Mountaineering Program – Timetable
Please Note: Bushwalking and Mountaineering Training Program includes extended periods of exercise and walks in remote areas on uneven ground. Please consult your GP if you are unsure as to your suitability for this exercise.

Right, I’m still in. What are the costs?

Depending on how much you do, a program like this can cost $1500 - $4500 per person

Ascent Fitness’ full program price, for 100 hours of guidance, instruction and support is $985. That’s only $9.85/hour! 

Option 1:
Up Front Rate

The full Program Fee is $985 

Option 2:
2 part payment plan

The full Program Fee is 2 payments of $550 
[1st instalment is upfront and the 2nd Instalment is deducted in 1 month] 
For option 2, Email John at to arrange payment

Payment details are on the Registration Form on the next page.

Please Note: Bushwalking and Mountaineering Training Program includes extended periods of exercise and walks in remote areas on uneven ground. Please consult your GP if you are unsure as to your suitability for this exercise.

Why is BMTP thousands of dollars cheaper than a guided walking company experience?

Six main areas where do not charge:

  • Your food. During BMTP, you provide your own, so you bring what you will eat. We’re more than happy to suggest what to bring.
  • Your medical supplies. During BMTP, you will provide your own personal medical kit. However, carrying your own Personal Location Beacon is not essential.
  • Your transport. Rather than hire vehicles, the BMTP participants can car pool and share costs of transport on a trip by trip basis.
  • Private huts with all the modern conveniences. During BMTP, there won’t be any of that!
  • Guides to carry your overnight packs. During BMTP, you carry all of your own stuff.
  • Finally, guiding companies have many more administrative overheads that Ascent Fitness does not have, so you save on that as well.

What happens after I've registered?  

You will be added to a private Facebook Group which will help keep everyone informed. Once that is set up, all notifications and updates will come to you directly. If you don't have a Facebook account, we'll keep you up to date via text message to your phone.

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