Introducing the 2021 Rocking Body Super Spring Bootcamp

Are you looking to keep fit during Spring? Want to challenge yourself in a fun and supportive environment? The Spring Rocking Body Boot Camp has all that and more!

Rocking Body Boot Camp brings both indoors & outdoors plus and adventurous spirit to the boot camp environment. The focus is on increasing core and upper body strength, but the legs are certainly not neglected.
Each season of the year, Ascent Fitness runs a program of 10x60-minute strength and conditioning program. Our awesome Winter Program is coming to an end and at the start we'll be indoors to the fantastic My Gym in South Launceston for The Spring Rocking Body Boot Camp from September 7th. 60-minute sessions are 6.35pm - 7.35pm. 10 weeks later, we'll be fitter and stronger as the days get longer with more daylight we will head outside to take full advantage of the various parks around Launceston.
The Spring Rocking Body Boot Camp welcomes participants of all fitness levels. The program is designed so that everyone works as hard as they can and, with a fun and supportive environment, everyone boosts each other! And, if 'life has happened to your body' and some bits don't work as well as they used to, John, your instructor, will adapt any exercise so that you can keep exercising hard but safely and with confidence.
I'm keen! What do I do next?
Joining the Spring Rocking Body Boot Camp's Program is simple: register here, then be at My Gym at 66-68 Melbourne Street, South Launceston, on September 7th around 6pm. 

Bring a water bottle and an exercise mat with you. To use the gym's boxing gloves, you will need either bring your own cotton 'liner gloves' or they can be hired from My Gym for $1 per session as needed.

 There will be some one-off forms to complete for My Gym, then each session after that, just sign in as per My Gym's COVID-19 requirements.

The Spring Rocking Body Boot Camp's Program consists of 10x60-minute strength and conditioning sessions for $205.

A casual rate of $26/session is also available and is payable by bank transfer.

Weekly 60 minute sessions are held on 
Tuesday from 6:35pm - 7:35pm

Starting on 
September 7th through to November 9th

All you need to do is register to save your spot, on the next page you will be given instructions on how you can pay for spot in the next intake of the Spring Rocking Body Boot Camp

Please note: 
The Rocking Body BootCamp includes sections of rough and uneven ground, stairs and steep inclines. Check with your GP to see if this exercise is appropriate for you.
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